Wimpfheimer Velvets

You have reached Wimpfheimer Velvets, world specialist in velvets and pile fabrics. We have the most complete line of
pile fabrics in the marketplace. Established in 1845 we have generations of experience in manufacturing velvets and have developed a worldwide network of pile fabric resources for a wide range of end products, made exclusively for Wimpfheimer to our high quality standards.

SINCE 1845

Wimpfheimer Velvets


Wimpfheimer has been a long time specialist in the area of jewelry and luxury item packaging. There is nothing quite like a velvet package to enhance a piece of jewelry , a pouch of french perfume, or a box of swiss chocolates!

We have developed qualities and color ranges specially suited for use in boxes and packaging products. This includes special backings and glue coatings which allow for superiour manufacturing.

Please contact us and speak to our expert staff about any packaging project.


Wimpfheimer has supplied fabric to the apparel markets for over 100 years and countless fashion cycles. Our pile fabrics are uniquely suited to fall and holiday fashions for ladies, children , menswear, and accessories such as shoes, handbags, scarves, and hats.

Wimpfheimer is unique in that we stock all of our fabrics, in large color ranges. We can supply the designer with immediate sample yardage to complete their inspirations. We can then continue to supply the bulk fabric from usa stock or ship directly from our network of mills worldwide to your point of manufacuturing.

Our tussah fabrics division specializes in pfd greige fabrics for the garment dye marketplace, and has a wide variety of fabrics in the line.

  • Silky soft velvets
  • Corduroys , all wales
  • Iridescent two tone velvets
  • Crushed velvets
  • Micro-poly washable velvets
  • Faux furs & velours
  • Burnout velvets
  • Stretch velvets
  • Cotton velvet
  • Embossed velvets
  • Cotton velveteen
  • Sueded fabrics
  • Printed velvets
  • Rich & classic velvet color ranges.

Visual display

Wimpfheimer’s line of velvets and pile fabrics has always lent itself to the area of visual display. A store window with luxurious , rich velvet catches the attention of a customers eye.

Drapery, backdrops, display fixtures, and window dressings made with velvet have long been the ultimate way to dress up a presentation especially during the holiday season – whether in a store, public space, theatre, or banquet facility.

We offer numerous qualities pefrectly suited for this usage, with color ranges developed just for this end purpose. Our stocked fabric lines offer the fast delivery needed for the visual display marketplace.

Upholstery & furnishings

Wimpfheimer now offers a large collection of velvets and pile fabrics for your home furnishing and decorative products. From plush, resilient velvets for sofas, chairs, and cushions to pile fabrics for luxurious throws and drapes – we have you covered with our vast array of in stock qualities.

Theatrical velvets

Wimpfheimer contract velvets are produced to be durable and luxurious to meet your specified needs

From imax theatres to home theatres,school auditoriums & concert halls, we have many seating and drapery qualities to enhance any audio and visual experience.

Whether you are an architect, specifier or manfacturer, please allow our contract specialist to find the right products for your upcoming projects